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Rising from the Ashes: Rebuilding Our Dream Movie Production Studio

Fox 10 News Phoenix Article and Video


In the blink of an eye, our dreams were shattered, leaving us speechless. After tirelessly working towards our goal of establishing a movie production studio over the past 12 years, an unimaginable event occurred on Thursday, July 6th, 2023. Someone made the unfathomable decision to set fire to our beloved Paradox Universe studio. This malicious act has left us reeling, questioning why anyone would want to destroy what we worked so hard to create.

Uncovering the Mystery:

As the dust settles, the identity of the arsonist remains unknown, leaving us perplexed. The motives behind targeting our studio remain a mystery. Regardless, the devastation caused by the fire is evident. The flames engulfed the front office, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The intense heat, suffocating smoke, and the activation of chemical fire deterrents resulted in the complete loss of equipment.

Resilience and Moving Forward:

Despite the anguish and heartache we experienced, we refused to succumb to despair. Our team has rallied together, undeterred by this setback, and immediately resumed work. While temporarily operating from home, we are tirelessly rebuilding what was lost. We are unwavering in our commitment to achieving our goals and creating an exceptional movie studio that will make both us and our valued customers proud.


In the face of adversity, our spirits remain unbroken. Although our dreams were momentarily reduced to ashes, we are determined to emerge stronger and more resilient. The malicious act of arson will not define us; instead, it will fuel our passion to rebuild and bring our vision to life. We appreciate the support and encouragement we have received from our community, and we pledge to rise from these ashes, stronger than ever before. Together, we will rebuild our dream movie production studio, united in the pursuit of greatness.

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