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Paradox Splash Screen

About Us


Paradox Universe is a motion picture studio and a streaming platform for movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Paradox Universe was founded by Nigerian-born American filmmaker Joseph Mbah looking to create and share unique content with the world.

Joseph believes that there is more that connects the Human race than there is that divides us - and it is his vision to spread this message through the art of storytelling. This vision is what gave birth to Paradox Universe, which was initially designed as an immersive, multimedia, cinematic universe.

In Paradox Universe, every story was connected in some way, similar to Marvel or DC. However, in 2021, we decided to forge our own path in the distribution space with the launch of our streaming service. Our mission is to become a well rounded entertainment company through movies, TV shows, music, and merchandising.

Joseph Mbah directing and operating a red epic camera for a music video

Joseph Mbah


Amber Mbah wearing a Paradox Universe sweatshirt

Amber Mbah


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