The Beloved

The Beloved

6 Episodes

After a young and married couple returns from their honeymoon, they start facing the challenges of a new life. Arnold and Thandeka are musicians, community influencers and authors. The Beloved, offers a rare glimpse into the lives of the young and married couple from Africa.

The Beloved
  • Arrival

    Episode 1

    After 2 months at their honeymoon, Thandeka & Arnold finally return to francistown. Thandeka sets herself on a mission to repair the breaking strings of her
    friendships with Lalah & Jessica!

  • Numerous Fires

    Episode 2

    Arnold is keeping something from Thandeka & she can see it. Could this
    first secret in the marriage be nasty? Lalah & Jessica get into a fight & Thandeka gets an unexpectedcall

  • Confession

    Episode 3

    Thandeka learns a new hobbie and she has a confession to make to
    her husband. A phone from the olden days is introduced as an immediate rescue plan.

  • Black Tennis

    Episode 4

    Arnold shares news about a possible moving brought about by a life
    changing opportunity but Thandeka differs about it.
    The theme for tennis has never looked this good.

  • Fundate

    Episode 5

    Ronald & Ronka are strangers meeting each other for the first time.With
    complex backgrounds and differences,the two would love to see if things
    can workout between them.

  • 6th Birthday

    Episode 6

    Thandeka & Jessica have planned a small belated birthday party for a
    friend! Also a token of celebrating her as a force of love in their lives.