Short Films

Short Films

Short Films

    An African short film about a demon's hold on a woman's mind.

    Written & Directed by Joseph Mbah

  • Destination

    In the year 2087, a life-hardened scavenger (Vik) follows the GPS coordinates in an old journal from before the Flare, seeking what he believes to be a lost secret that will change his life forever.

  • Statistics

    A risk analyst for a scientific research organization learns what it means for himself to become a statistic.

  • Mr. Deer

    At a dark dystopic time, humans have lost their humanity and look like animals. In a subway station and train, Mr. Deer tries to help people remember their human nature again.


    Being discovered unconscious at the scene of an elaborately prepared murder is just the beginning of an innocent woman's journey into a world where illusion overpowers truth, with deadly consequences.

  • A Deadly Charter

    Two cousins, fueled by their own greed, plot to kill each other in order to inherit the family fortune with ironic and shocking results.

  • Drifter

    Jacob Fullson, a scavenger, and occasional gun-for-hire, shambles through the Salt Wastes, the unrelenting sun punishing him with its fiery glow. Jacob's profession takes him to places other dare not go. His usual route has been waylaid by a local Amp Cult. Forced to go off-route, Jacob is riding...

  • Nightfire

    Two American agents are hired to retrieve military chips containing top-secret content. Their plan goes awry when an unexpected political prisoner enters the picture.

  • Tubby Hook

    After three friends in Inwood, Manhattan succeed in a dangerous heist from the Irish Mob, their loyalty is tested when the gangsters show up to reclaim the loot.

  • The Pirate Captain Toledano

    On a 16th century pirate ship, a Jewish stowaway who fled the Inquisition wants to become a pirate to fight the Spanish. The captain must decide whether to make him a pirate... or make him walk the plank.

  • Libertai

    Crawford Mandumbwa, a Zambia artist based in Botswana speaks openly about African politics, society, art and culture and also addresses the question of why Africa remains plagued with major problems of social vulnerability.