Luxuriously Her

Luxuriously Her

6 Episodes

Join Sara Leann as she goes through her day to day roller coaster as a mom and entrepreneur and doing her best to juggle both worlds, while still having a life of her own to shop, party, and have a good time with her friends and family.”

Luxuriously Her
  • For Starters

    Episode 1

    Sara takes us on a fun journey into her luxurious shopping life as well as her humble beginnings.

  • Past Lovers

    Episode 2

    Sara struggles through a busy day in the office as we learn more about her past and her life as a mom.

  • Bonus Episode | Black Angel Halloween Party

    Episode 3

    Sara throws a sexy angel Halloween party for her friends

  • Rampage

    Episode 4

    Things get hectic as Sara and Adam attempt to put on a big event.

  • Wedding Shower

    Episode 5

    Sara discovers how difficult it is to plan a bridal shower.

  • In The Vines

    Episode 6

    Sex talks and girl time. Sara and her friends take a bridal trip full of fun.