6 Episodes

A fuel smuggler in southern Iran, who has been reprimanded and criticized by the others after the death of his comrade in a car accident, embarks on a one-man journey to seek revenge after finding clues to his comrade's murder.

  • Pointer Finger

    Episode 1

    Qasem, who blames himself for Hamzeh's death and aims to avenge his blood, finds a seemingly insignificant clue...

  • Offside

    Episode 2

    Qasem is gradually understanding what is going on around him. He needs to have a chit-chat with a local football club owner...

  • Gold Hammer

    Episode 3

    Qasem is going to meet Hamzeh's greatest enemy. New clues are on their way, but as usual, he has to pay the price…

  • Rat Out

    Episode 4

    Now that all Qasem’s plans have gone up in smoke, it is time to retaliate...

  • Prey
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    Qasem needs to find "Saber", the man who killed Hamzeh. But Saber is under the protection of a dangerous smuggler in the south of Iran: Akvan Div. To enter the territory of Akvan Div, a victim is needed…

  • Dead End

    Episode 6

    Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.