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Watch this video and more on PARADOX UNIVERSE

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Jumpstart Film School

Mindset & goals surrounding your first movie


Up Next in Season 1

  • Developing your story & writing your ...

    In this episode we give you the missing key to get started making a film that is doable with the resources you have available, and not the ones you wish you had - and not let your script hold you back. We cover topics such as:

    - Don't start with your plot first
    - Make a list of all your resource...

  • What's your plan for this movie when ...

    In this episode will cover 4 things you need to keep in mind before you start shooting your first film. We go over topics such as:

    - Who's your audience?
    - Where are your audience?
    - Building an audience or selling to an existing one
    - Methods of distribution

    Helpful Videos:

    How To Grow On In...

  • Write your script

    In this episode, we cover all things writing, with the intent to get you on your way to writing your script. We cover topics such as:

    Approaches to Story Structure.
    Developing characters with depth.
    Making room for known actors.
    Write the script that works with what you have.
    Write your script ...