3 Episodes

Infinity is a new and engaging documentary film series, exploring one of the most significant unanswered questions of our time 'Does infinity exist?

  • The Scale of Things

    Episode 1

    Have you ever wondered how large the universe is? Whilst it is still unknown, it looks very likely that our universe is infinite, but what about the possibility of infinity in both directions. Has science found a limit to how small things really can be?

  • Everything or Nothing?

    Episode 2

    Is the universe infinite or finite? Could the universe be contained by some sort of an edge or boundary, and if so what is beyond, if there is a beyond? Can there be truly nothing?

  • The Beginning?

    Episode 3

    It is thought that the big bang was the beginning of space, matter and time, and that all space and matter were created from absolutely nothing. How can we conceive of something from absolutely nothing?