Guy in Dubai

Guy in Dubai

8 Episodes

Guy in Dubai is an adventure series hosted by Paris Norriss. On the hunt for the biggest thrills and most extreme challenges, this entertaining series shows how the average person can learn and master the fastest and most furious adventure sports.

Guy in Dubai
  • Racing the World's Fastest Powerboat

    Episode 1

    Dubai is home to the 24 times World Champion Powerboat racing team; The Victory Team. Guy in Dubai gets taken for a thrilling drive in The Beast. Getting up to speeds of over 200 mph, it's no wonder why this machine and its team have won so many trophies.

  • Freediving in Search of the Arabian Pearl

    Episode 2

    Pearl Diving was once the prime industry of the UAE and the Arabian Pearls were the most precious in the World. Pearl divers would freedive to the sea bed to collect pearls in one breath, completing up to 300 dives in a day. Guy in Dubai tries his hand.

  • Becoming a Paramotor Pilot

    Episode 3

    earning to fly is almost every child's dream. With modern technologies, it's now available, attainable, and affordable. Paramotoring is the easiest, cheapest, and safest way to get yourself into the air. And becoming a pilot takes less time than a plane.

  • Taking on the World's Longest Zipline

    Episode 4

    Ras Al Khaimah is not only the home to the Worlds Longest Zipline, on UAE's tallest mountain Jebal Jais. It's now also the home to the Zipline Tour which has 7 ziplines that take you from peak to peak down Jebal Jais Mountain.

  • Shark Encounter on Shipwreck Dive

    Episode 5

    Taking a trip to Fujairah to complete the Padi course, where we meet face to face with sharks and discover a shipwreck. Fujairah is home to numerous shipwrecks where you can find some of the most beautiful sea life in the world.

  • Kayak Challenge Around Palm Jumeirah

    Episode 6

    Palm Jumeirah is the world's largest man-made island with a circumference of around 16 km. Guy in Dubai sets himself the challenge and attempts to kayak around the Palm in under 5 hours. See how he gets on in the challenge.

  • Learning Formula 1 Racing at the Yas Circuit

    Episode 7

    Abu Dhabi is home to the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit. Guy in Dubai turns up the heat as he steps into the driving seat as he learns how to race in an Aston Martin GT4 whilst being directed by a specialist racing coach.

  • Quest to Find a Secret Island

    Episode 8

    Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and it's also the home to over 200 natural and man-made islands. This makes the nautical discoveries of Abu Dhabi extremely interesting.