Dark Passages

Dark Passages

3 Episodes

Delve deep with this series that explores everything from supernatural creatures and unsolved crimes to horrific conspiracies that both baffle and fascinate. This investigative series explores the lesser-known, often terrifying stories you've never heard.

Dark Passages
  • The Krepid

    Episode 1

    Who are these shapeshifting creatures that delight in our suffering and death? The few who have encountered them and survived, believe these beings predate humanity and are the reason we inherently fear the dark. Just who or what are the Krepid?

  • The Heartbreaker

    Episode 2

    In mid-2003, a photograph sparked a search for a prolific serial killer of women. A killer who to this day has never been identified. Or has he? Believers state that the "Heartbreaker" case has since been denied as fact and covered up at every turn.

  • Nazis and Canada and Pharma, Oh My!

    Episode 3

    History tells us that the US government recruited top minds of the Nazi regime during Operation Paperclip. Could Canadian pharmaceutical companies have sponsored a similar top-secret program? One designed to make people sick and supply the medication?