Cooking With OhSoBella

Cooking With OhSoBella

6 Episodes

Join Christine Brown as she shares stories, her journey, and expresses herself through a fun and casual exploration of amazing food from different cultures, including Southern dishes that she grew up on - but with a unique, healthy, and soulful approach

Cooking With OhSoBella
  • Drunken Fried Chicken

    Episode 1

    Christine takes us back to her cooking roots by tossing up some southern-style fried chicken that is crispy on the outside, and oh-so-juicy on the inside.

  • ‘Wife’ Rice - Longest Rice Ever Made

    Episode 2

    Christine’s guest Roota Shirinyans attempts to teach Christine how to make traditional Persian rice, with the many steps that entails, also explaining the cultural reasons why Persian women need to know how to cook great rice.

  • ‘Pretty Trick’ Lamb Chops

    Episode 3

    Things get interesting as Christine and her guest Roota Shirinyans tag team the cooking of some tender and savory Persian-style lamb chops.

  • Very Sticky Wings

    Episode 4

    Christine shows us how to make some killer wings that make a great dish for any party. They’re perfect–sweet, savory, spicy, and amazing–it’s impossible to only eat one!

  • Street Foods

    Episode 5

    Christine takes her cooking to the streets as she shares the history of street foods and showing us how to make a tasty variety of Mexican-inspired dishes including open-face jerk shrimp tacos, street corn, and an incredible vegan cornbread & chili dish you wouldn’t believe has no meat.

  • Bonus Episode | Trip to Greece - Pasta & Mussels

    Episode 6

    Christine shows how to cook a dish of fresh green mussels & pan-finished pasta while she shares the culinary and cultural knowledge she gained on a trip to Greece.

  • Recipe Card (Download) - Stove Top Mac & Cheese

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  • RecipeCard (Download) - Tomahawk With Dinasaur Sauce

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