4 Episodes

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  • 2-Day Adventure at Walnut Canyon | Arizona Trail

    Episode 1

    On this adventure, I ride my motorcycle out to the Arizona Trail. It promptly begins to rain and we get soaked. Nevertheless, we enjoy a beautiful night under the stars, and a beautiful hike out - until we pass the actual trail, and have to climb straight out of the canyon. Then, it starts pourin...

  • Saguaro Lake Overnight

    Episode 2

    This adventure, I go on an easy walk to sleep overnight at Saguaro Lake in Arizona. I wanted to get away from everything. My phone. Social media. Email. Calls. I wanted to slow down my mind, and I did.

  • A Strenuous 4-Day Wilderness Adventure | Blue, Arizona

    Episode 3

    I spend 1 day (traveling), and 3 additional days in Blue, Arizona for an event by The Strenuous Life, a club created by founder of the Art of Manliness site, Brett McKay.

    The event was the 1st annual Southwest Festival of Strenuousity, and was intended for us to challenge ourselves to practice/...

  • Mogollon Rim

    Episode 4

    Although I'm a lifelong resident of Arizona, this is my first time visiting and camping at the Mogollon Rim. It's amazing that for a place known for its vast, Saguaro-filled deserts, that such lush green forest exists.

    I rode my motorcycle to the Mogollon Rim with only what I had in my backpacki...